Project Ilypa to help children suffering from Otitis Media

22 May 2009

Help us tackle Hearing Loss in the Classroom

Help the estimated 35-75% of Aboriginal children in remote communities who suffer from Otitis Media.

A prevalent problem in Indigenous communities
Otitis Media is a middle ear infection that leads to hearing loss. In children it may lead to problems with language development, communication, and social interaction. This in turn leads to poor educational and vocational outcomes, social and emotional wellbeing, and various behavioral problems.

Project Ilypa
By facilitating links between the student body, Health Sciences faculty, Rotary clubs, health professionals and various Aboriginal communities we aim to address the issue of Otitis media.

Giving the gift of hearing
After consultation with various health and education professionals, we feel the most immediate and effective difference we can make in these children's lives would be to provide them with classroom amplification systems. These systems would enable them to hear, learn and participate in class

Different from the average amplification system
These systems feature technology that emphasises the frequencies in human speech most likely to be missed by individuals with hearing loss, and provide a broad even amplification of the teacher's voice throughout the classroom. It is recommended by the World Health Organization and the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organization as an effective measure in reducing the impact of hearing loss in classrooms, increasing attention span, listening skills and student/teacher interaction.

How you can help
We are currently raising funds to purchase a number of sound systems for schools in the Northern Territory. Your donation is a step toward providing these children with hearing loss an opportunity to learn in the classroom.

Want to help in another way?
We are also looking for interested individuals with a passion for indigenous health to join Project Ilypa and contribute their efforts to sustain our project.

Project Ilypa
Starting small, thinking big

Who is behind Project Ilypa?

Project Ilypa is the motivation and energy of four 4th year Occupational Therapy students: Erin Lowie, Pei Yuan Lum, Kate Lyons and Alex Croak.

Recent achievements: Project Ilypa was recently presented at the Rotary District 9680 Conference in Newcastle and is currently supported by the Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah, Rotary Club of Epping and the Rotary Club of Tennant Creek. In the last month Erin Lowie was awarded the Rotary Indigenous Health Scholarship. This scholarship will enable Erin to further her work in the Northern Territory.

Donate online nowor please contact Erin with any enquiries.

Contact: Erin Lowie

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