Project Ilypa: on the road to success

12 June 2009

Donations are now being taken through the Rotary Dee Why Warringah website.

Project Ilypa began with two main objectives. The first was to provide a practical solution for the many aboriginal children experiencing conductive hearing loss in the classroom. The second objective, generate community awareness surrounding the silent epidemic of 'Otitis Media in Aboriginal children'.

The past 10 months has been a slow and difficult process for us in terms of fundraising for the sound systems as we were new to the world of project management. Over the past two weeks, we have had more success than we had collectively over the past 10 months. This was due in part to the recent partnership with the FHS marketing department, as well as a shift in priorities and an injection of fresh energy for all group members. With the posters, emails and flyers circulating the faculty campus - we are finally on the right track to being able to achieve both of our objectives.

We held a fundraiser BBQ last week on campus and raised quite an unexpected amount of money, considering it was week 13 of the semester and most students were studying at home. We were also invited to present 'Project Ilypa' to the faculty for Reconciliation Week. Not only did we have staff and students donate to the project at the event, but we also had numerous students recognise our posters around campus and offer their help in whatever way possible. Over the few days since the presentation, we have had a number of emails come in from people interested in continuing Project Ilypa. We can happily say that generating awareness amongst the university community is working and we are excited to find people as passionate about finding solutions to this preventable disease - Otitis Media - as we are.

The last few weeks have been big for Ilypa, and therefore we must continue on the road to success. We have been lucky enough to have our project looked over by Alan Jones and next week our team will be interviewed by Alan Jones on his morning show.

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Contact: Erin Lowrie

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