Researchers visit American Board of Radiology in USA

3 July 2009

Professor Patrick Brennan and Warren Reed from the Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences Faculty Research Group recently travelled to Louisville, USA to gather data on image interpretation at the invitation of the American Board of Radiology

Professor Brennan has established a long collaboration with the American Board of Radiology (ABR), where at meetings in Louisville each year up to 300 globally leading radiologists are available to examine images and perform observation studies.

 Warren Reed with Dr Becker (executive director of the ABR)
Warren Reed with Dr Becker (executive director of the ABR)

Having this number of experts available to a study, not only facilitates rigorous statistical analyses, it also encourages the generation of international standards and widespread adoption of the data produced. To date, this collaboration has led to two PhD theses, seven publications in international journals and over 10 presentations at the most prestigious international imaging conferences.

This year four studies were run concurrently and have generated a great deal of useful data. For example, a prevalence study with 31 participants was conducted where experienced radiologists had their accuracy and eye position recorded while interpreting chest x rays.

The resulting information will shed light on the often hidden world of image interpretation which has the potential to provide valuable insight as to how prior information held by the reader, such as prevalence of disease, impacts upon experts' observations and detection of disease.

This collaboration will be further cultivated in the future to provide more exciting projects.