Prashanth Brings Home Bronze

16 November 2009

For someone who claims they are not great with time management, Prashanth Sellathurai seems to be handling things pretty well.

The diagnostic radiography student at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Sydney has just returned from representing Australia at the 2009 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. Even more impressive, he has a bronze medal under his belt for his success in the Pommel Horse event.

But how does he find enough hours in a day to fit everything in?

While training obviously takes up a large proportion of his time, Prashanth also manages to maintain part-time studying. "For sure, if I was doing a full time degree then it would be difficult, but I have always been training and I have always found ways to fit study in", he said, "I'm not that great with time management".

Considering his successful balancing of study and training, it would seem the opposite!

Prashanth says it was combination of factors that originally motivated him to study diagnostic radiography. "I love physics and this course allows me to apply that to something that is useful and helpful to people", he said. After countless sporting injuries, Prashanth says his exposure to medical imaging through personal experience also sparked his interest in the field.

While hopeful that he will practice radiography in the future, Prashanth also sees a possibility of studying medicine. "It would be impossible to do that while I am still competing, but maybe after I have finished gymnastics I could hopefully try and do that", he said.

The Pommel Horse is Sellathurai's specialty event, having previously won the silver medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, as well as at the World Championships that same year.

With a list of achievements to his name already, training towards London 2012, plans to finish his degree, potentially start another, and pursue a career outside of sport, it's no surprise that Prashanth likes to fit in an occasional cat nap.

"I have a talent of sleeping at any time of the day. I sleep a lot!"