New Associate Dean to Increase International Collaborations

6 May 2010

The Faculty of Health Sciences has recently appointed Professor Patrick Brennan to the newly created role of Associate Dean, International Research Development. "The Faculty's researchers have built a strong profile internationally and are now well positioned to further enhance this growing global presence" says Professor Brennan "this role looks to deliver just that".

Prof. Patrick Brennan
Prof. Patrick Brennan

International collaborations can be found across all areas of Faculty expertise. For example, Dr Alex Broom returned from India where he undertook fieldwork for an AUSAID funded research project on masculinity and violence in South Asia. Professor Glen Davis has had an ongoing collaboration with the University of Malaya that will further his work on activity based therapy on individuals with spinal cord injuries in that region.

Connecting with international colleagues in research has also led to innovation in teaching.

A new Master of Molecular Imaging is currently being developed in collaboration with the University of Queensland and National University of Singapore. Led by Course Director Professor Steve Meikle, the course is unique in its focus on advanced imaging technologies for future leaders in research and industry.

Maintaining an awareness of the many funding and project collaboration opportunities can be challenging for researchers, especially when considering the multitude of forums in which they become known.

Often a point of contact or network hub where researchers know they can access opportunities relevant to their strengths will act as an enabler to collaborative possibilities. Professor Brennan has commenced his role with that aim in mind. "My focus is two-fold" explains Professor Brennan. "I will be involved in setting out a strategy for how the Faculty can continue to build on its impressive history of international collaboration through exposure to these opportunities as they arise.

I will also be working towards ensuring that there is a high level of awareness of the work done globally by the Faculty of Health Sciences. This will allow collaborators to find us when seeking new partnerships." The remit of a Faculty Committee on International Research Development is currently being established by a working group of key Faculty researchers.

Professor Brennan's previous experience places him in good stead l to take on a role with an international focus. Originally from Monaghan in the Republic of Ireland, he recently moved from the School of Medicine and Medical Science in University College Dublin to take up a position of Professor of Diagnostic Imaging in the University of Sydney and now the new role of Associate Dean, International Research Development. Professor Brennan's research involves exploring novel technologies and techniques that enhance the detection of clinical indicators of disease, whilst minimising risk to the patient.

This work has resulted in over 100 publications and invitations to deliver talks across four continents. He has presented at the major international imaging meetings including the annual meetings of the Radiological Society of North America, European Congress, UK Radiological Congress, International Society of Optical Engineering and Medical Imaging Perception Society.

For more information or to contact Professor Brennan to discuss international research collaboration opportunities email