Study to explore how people with disability and their families navigate advice

15 November 2010

The University of Sydney together with Northcott Disability Services is seeking teens and young people with physical disability, as well as parents and carers, to take part in a research study that aims to better understand how individuals navigate and negotiate advice from health care professionals.

According to Senior Research Associate,Jo Ragen from the Faculty of Health Sciences the exploratory study will provide the first in-depth Australian data on the perceptions and experiences of 'risk' in the context of everyday life for people living with disability.

"I am particularly interested in how others perceive risk for people with disability, how this perception can shape advice and information giving, and how people with a disability and their families sort through this information to achieve the life they want."

Qualitative data will be collected through individual interview session which can be carried out in person, over the phone or through the use of social networking technology such as Skype, MSN or email.

"In the long-term we are hopeful that information gleaned from studies such as this will be able to inform the development of more targeted and relevant services for people living with disability," says Ms Ragen.

Participant information:

People who are aged 12 years or older who have a physical disability and parents or carers of young people with disability are welcome to participate. Please contact Jo Ragen for more information.

Phone: 02 9351 9807

Email: 183960072d4c2717111413121f073842320c146d2010