Sino-Australian Symposium: Sports And Rehabilitation Science 16 and 17 Dec

1 December 2010

Further to an application submitted by the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sydney Medical School, the Australia China Council (ACC) has agreed to provide financial support for a joint research symposium in Peking University in December 2010. This will be delivered by the University of Sydney along with a number of key institutions in Beijing and will focus on sports medicine and rehabilitation, with the aim of establishing long-term sustainable relationships and the identification of mutual research and educational interests.

In February 2010, a delegation from the Institute of Sports Science in Peking University (PUSMI) and Peking University Health Science Center (PUHSC) was hosted by the Faculty of Health Sciences, the University of Sydney. The delegation met with a number of senior academic staff within Faculty of Health Sciences including Professor Llewellyn, Dean; Professor Refshauge, Deputy Dean; Professor Brennan, Associate Dean, International; Professor Davis, Sub Dean for Graduate Research Students; and a number of senior researchers across the Faculty.

Inflamed synovium within the knee
Inflamed synovium within the knee

It was evident from this meeting that the PUSMI focused on surgical interventions alone and did not always deploy the full range of rehabilitative techniques typically used in the treatment of and recovery from sports injuries. PUSMI expressed a desire to develop a wider range of interventions and were impressed by the research being undertaken in areas such as physiotherapy, exercise and movement sciences and rehabilitation at the University of Sydney. In addition, the meeting also identified significant overlap in the research interests of both institutions in the fields of arthroscopy and diagnostic imaging.

The planned symposium will take place on the 16th and 17th December 2010 and seventeen papers will be presented by world-leading clinicians and scientists from Sydney and China. These presentations will be followed by detailed discussions on future collaborative direction.Further information about the Symposium

The following academics from the University of Sydney will be presenting papers:

  • Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn, Dean, Health Sciences; Chair, Occupational and Leisure Sciences
  • Professor Kathy Refshauge, Deputy Dean; Professor of Physiotherapy
  • Professor Patrick Brennan, Assoc. Dean, International; Professor of Diagnostic Imaging
  • Professor Glen Davis, Professor of Clinical Exercise Science
  • Professor David Sonnabend (Professor of Surgery, Northern Clinical School)
  • Associate Professor Nick O'Dwyer, Assoc. Professor of Exercise and Sports Science
  • Associate Professor Antony Peduto (Clinical Associate Professor of Medical Imaging, Westmead Clinical School)

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