Gulf-Australian Symposium: Breast Cancer Current Practice

1 December 2010

The Council for Australian Arab Relations (CAAR) has very recently agreed to provide significant financial support that willassist with thedevelopment and delivery ofajoint research symposium in Riyadh between the University of Sydney and King Saud University.

Targeting breast cancer
Targeting breast cancer

The Symposium will focus on current issues and future directions in breast cancer imaging, medication formulation and safety and rehabilitation. The symposium will have a multi-disciplinary approach and will involve the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Pharmacy, bringing together a number of key institutions, policy makers and organisations from across the region.

The joint symposium will provide the initial impetus to developlong-term sustainable relationships and to identify areas for mutual research and educational partnerships.

Contact: Adriana Sammartano

Phone: 9036 7466

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