Get involved in the Health Care Team Challenge!

7 March 2011

The University of Sydney will this year be holding our inaugural Health Care Team challenge, a cross faculty interprofessional competition designed to promote and recognise excellence in health care management.

Organised by the Faculty of Health Sciences in conjunction with Sydney Medical School and Sydney Nursing School, the competition gives students the opportunity to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams of five to six to design and present an evidence-based health care plan for a case with input from academic mentors.

"The challenge is a great way for students to gain multidisciplinary case management experience and teamwork skills, to meet other students from across the faculties of health and to expand their professional knowledge," says Associate Professor Michelle Lincoln, Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching at Health Sciences.

The teams of students will present their management plan to a panel of expert judges at the event to be held on the evening of Wednesday 18 May, 2011 at the Faculty of Health Sciences. The winners of the challenge will be sponsored to represent the University of Sydney at the annual National HealthFusion Health Care Team Challenge in Brisbane in August.

How to get involved:

Each team will have one student from the following disciplines;

  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Pathology

The sixth student will be from either;

  • Exercise and Sport Science
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Rehabilitation Counselling, or
  • Orthoptics

No team may contain more than one representative of any one profession.

To be eligible to apply for the challenge undergraduate students from the Faculty of Health Sciences must be in their final year of studies and postgraduate students must be in Stage 3 of the medical program or year 2 of a graduate entry master's program.

Interested students must complete and submit the Expression of Interest to their Course Director by COB Friday 25 March, 2011. Please ensure you review the information on the cover page regarding time commitments prior to submitting your EOI.

If you require more information please contact Peggy Timmins.

Contact: Peggy Timmins, Project Officer FHS

Phone: 02 9036 7308

Email: 17535e48314843115a0b071922751c1d2d395300462e1432450845