Health Sciences to welcome visiting Endeavour Awards scholar

20 April 2011

Dr Shirley Ngai from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University will be visiting the Faculty of Health Sciences later this year to pursue post-doctoral research after being awarded a prestigious Endeavour Research Fellowship.

Dr Ngai (front row, second from right) at the Presentation Ceremony in Hong Kong
Dr Ngai (front row, second from right) at the Presentation Ceremony in Hong Kong

Part of the Australian Government's Endeavour Awards scholarship program, the Endeavour Research Fellowship scheme supports the exchange of high achieving scholars between Asia and Australia with the aim of strengthening bilateral ties, building mutual understanding and giving the award holder the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in their area of study.
Dr Ngai will be working alongside the Faculty of Health Sciences' Associate Professor Jennifer Alison to further her work in the area of cardiopulmonary research.

In particular Dr Ngai will be exploring a novel treatment for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease known as acu-TENS.

Acu-TENS utilises transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) on acupuncture points without the invasive nature of actually piercing the skin. Previous work by Dr Ngai in this area has shown its potential to improve breathlessness and improve exercise capacity in individuals suffering obstructive airway diseases.

While in Australia Dr Ngai will extend this work by examining whether such treatment shows the same effectiveness in Caucasian populations.

The Faculty of Health Sciences looks forward to welcoming Dr Ngai to the University of Sydney and wishes her all the best in her research endeavours in Australia.