The University of Sydney Health Care Team Challenge Competition

20 May 2011

The University of Sydney Health Care Team Challenge took place on Wednesday 18 May at the Cumberland Campus. The challenge, hosted by the Faculty of Health Sciences, was a cross faculty interprofessional competition organised in conjunction with Sydney Medical School and Sydney Nursing School.

In Australia, the competition was first run by the University of Queensland in 2007 and for the first time last year the University of Sydney sent a team comprising of students from health sciences, medicine and nursing to the National Australian competition. The feedback from our students in regards to the opportunity to work with their fellow students from other disciplines - and indeed other faculties - was so positive that a local-level competition was run this year to determine which team would go on to represent the University of Sydney at the national competition in Queensland.

In her welcoming speech, Dean of the faculty, Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn noted that today's health care system is heavily reliant on multidisciplinary team-based care. She congratulated the students on their involvement in the competition saying, "extracurricular activities such as this give you another opportunity to gain multidisciplinary case management experience and develop all important teamwork skills that will benefit you in your future careers."

HCTC Judging panel
HCTC Judging panel

The competing students from Medicine, Nursing and final year Health Sciences' students in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Exercise and Sport Science, Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation Counselling made up the five teams. The teams were identified as Team 1 Sesame Street; Team 2 Scrubs; Team 3 Checkmate; Team 4 Total Therapy and Team 5 Majestic Dolphins.

Each team presented their case management plan relating to a Vietnamese patient called 'Anh' a 55 year old female, who was an inpatient at a major Sydney rehabilitation hospital. The multidisciplinary team were tasked with developing a comprehensive plan for Anh during her rehabilitative phase.

Majestic Dolphins (L to R): Louise Kan - Nursing, Lucy Kaan - Speech Pathology, Cameron Dunn - Medicine, Lluisa Murray - Occupational Therapy, Siwei Hu - Exercise & Sport Science
Majestic Dolphins (L to R): Louise Kan - Nursing, Lucy Kaan - Speech Pathology, Cameron Dunn - Medicine, Lluisa Murray - Occupational Therapy, Siwei Hu - Exercise & Sport Science

The external judging panel, Mr David Beard, Dr Vivien Lane, Dr Peter Henke and Professor Michael Frommer then judged the presentations based on structure and organisation of the presentation; case study application and integration; content and analysis; evidence of collaborative teamwork and the submitted one page abstract.

The judges remarked on the calibre of the presentations and congratulated all teams on their hard work before declaring Majestic Dolphins as the winning team that have qualified to participate in the National HealthFusion Team Challenge in Queensland on 26 August, 2011.

The Faculty of Health Sciences would like to thank and acknowledge the following;

Master of Ceremony, Dr Christopher Gordon who was a natural at the task and did a wonderful job of keeping the audience informed on the event at hand; Guest Speaker, Associate Professor Christine Jorm who gave an insightful presentation on best practice to generate and maintain effective teams; A/Professor Michelle Lincoln for taking the initiative and making the Challenge come to fruition; Elaine Tam who set up the students in Blackboard and gave valuable advice on referencing; and last but not least a special thank you to the students who did most of their work outside hours and put in a lot of time and effort despite their heavy study loads.