Ten student scholarship opportunities secured for FHS Abroad!

1 December 2011

Ten student scholarship opportunities secured for FHS Abroad!

The Faculty of Health Sciences is pleased to announce its success in obtaining a nationally-competitive grant from the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) under the Study Overseas Short-term Mobility Program (SOSMP).

The grant will subsidise 10 students from disadvantaged or low socio-economic backgrounds to undertake FHS Abroad. Also included is support for a single staff member. Although implementation criteria for these grants have yet to be finalised, the grants will be available to students across all disciplines participating in FHS Abroad in 2012.

FHS Abroad involves working with non-government organisations and other development agencies for up to six weeks in a range of Faculty-elected locations across South and South East Asia. It offers students the opportunity to work in sites such as schools, children's hospitals, orphanages or HIV clinics, and programs range across fields like rehabilitation, health promotion, education, health outreach and disability care.

Our success in being awarded the SOSMP funding is a reflection of the uniqueness of the FHS Abroad program amongst health sciences offerings. In addition to the opportunities it will provide students, the grants serve to expand promotion of the FHS Abroad program, and increase collaboration between participating local and international organisations.

Furtherinformation on FHS Abroad, or contact Dr Elaine Ryan on 02 9036 7349.