Staff sections of the ICT website are now on the intranet

16 April 2014

Staff sections of the ICT webpage ( will be shutting down on Wednesday 30 April, with information for staff now available in the "Working Here" section of the intranet.

This move will strengthen the intranet as a single source of staff-related information and moves ICT's information into the same space occupied by most other University services. The intranet will become the new home of ICT related news, which will appear on the homepage of the intranet, as well as important support and service information.

This transition does not affect the location of the Ask Sydney - ICT webpage or the Self-Service portal. It will also not affect the location of Student IT information. Information available for guests and visitors remains unchanged.

If you cannot locate specific information that you previously made use of, please contact the ICT Helpdesk on 9351 6000 or