Introducing the new ICT Training website

29 July 2011

ICT has revamped the ICT Training website to provide you with easy access to key resources designed to empower you at your desk. Visit the website to view our scheduled training courses, use our online resources and guides, as well as suggest ideas for additional resources you'd like developed.

Registering for training is a new experience now that the new learning management system, CareerPath, is now available. You can now search and enrol for all available internal training and development online. An added bonus is that training is recorded on your personal transcript - so that come PMD time you've got a record of what you've done in the training space.

Did you know we also provide online learning options as well? The plan for 2011 is to move a portion of training to online delivery. This means you'll be able to refresh your knowledge whenever you need to. But don't think we're forgetting the personal touch - we're also setting up lunchtime seminars and workshops so you can meet with experts in the field and have those burning questions answered. If you have a topic suggestion for our lunchtime sessions, drop it in to the newly created Suggestion box.

Wait, there's more! We have also set up a blog, yourITspace, where you'll find amazing tips and tricks about IT here at the University. We're keen to know what you think so leave your comments!

For more information head to the ICT Training website and subscribe to our blog, yourITspace.