What the Flip ?!?! Learning from an inverting world...

17 February 2014

Date: Monday 17 February 2014
Venue: New Law School, Seminar Room 028, The University of Sydney
Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Convenor: Professor Philip Poronnik

DNS retreat on lectures:
What the Flip ?!?! Learning from an inverting world...

Blended learning, flipped classrooms and innovative teaching for student learning are on institutional radars and on agendas for transforming tertiary experiences. At the ground level one cannot simply start a chat room or upload lecture videos and say they are leading a flipped classroom. There is more to it! On the one hand, education experts continue to debate the efficacy of blended learning and flipped classes. On the other its very existence is challenging us to re-evaluate not just technology's place in (and out of) the classroom, but also how to reach and teach students more effectively. This forum is dedicated to discovering the 'more to it'.

Draft program:

You can download the program here

The DNS staff retreat will involve attendees participating in a workshop run by A/Prof. Lydia Kavanagh and A.Prof. Carl Reidsema from The University of Queensland. Attendees will experience a flipped classroom from the perspective of a student. Presentations will be given by staff within the university who are using a flipped classroom before ending with groups discussions and a panel session.

In order to gain a full experience of flipped classrooms, participants are required to download and complete some pre-learning material prior to attending the event. The materials can be found at:

Small Group Discussions
Small group discussions/workshops will be held in the afternoon to discuss different issues and questions. Please indicate on the registration page which two you would prefer to attend for each session. We will try to allocate you into one of these.

Group 1: Workload
Group 2: Resources
Group 3: Support

How to flip a classroom and land on your feet
A/Prof. Lydia Kavanagh and A.Prof. Carl Reidsema
The University of Queensland,

In this workshop you will learn how to take a whole systems design approach to designing and implementing the flipped classroom model to be scalable and sustainable. Drawing on the facilitators' experience with a first year course of over 1200 students, you will walk away with a plan for implementation and sustainability, which takes into account:
• A variety of approaches to, and lessons learned from, flipping the classroom
• How to create a coherent, meaningful and engaging learning experience
• Engaging stakeholders at all levels as a sustainable design objective

Biographic Note

Associate Professor Lydia Kavanagh, Director of First Year Engineering, UQ Since returning to academia from industry in 1998, Associate Professor Lydia Kavanagh has become a leader in engineering education and has used her background as a professional engineer to design both curricula and courses for active learning by combining real-world projects and specialist knowledge. She has had a significant impact on the delivery of UQ's undergraduate engineering program through creative new teaching pedagogies including the Flipped Classroom, innovative authentic approaches to assessment, and the introduction of multi-disciplinary courses. As Director of First Year Engineering, Lydia is also responsible for a significant program of extra-curricular transition support for first year students. Lydia's work was recognised with an ALTC Excellence in teaching award in 2011 and she has lead and participated in Carrick/ ALTC/ OLT projects on teamwork, online learning, curriculum innovation (2x), preparing students for first year engineering, and Flipped Classrooms.

Associate Professor Carl Reidsema-Director Teaching and Learning (Engineering)-UQ Carl is a mechanical design engineer with over 12 years industry experience. Beginning his academic career at the University of New South Wales in 2001, he led the Faculty development of the first hands-on active-learning team based first year common course in engineering design "ENGG1000 - Engineering Design and Innovation" involving over 1100 students. In 2010 he was appointed to the position of Director of Teaching and Learning for the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Queensland in 2010 where he then led the successful development of the Flipped Classroom model for integrating theory with design practice in a first year engineering design course "ENGG1200 - Engineering Modelling and Problem Solving" with over 1200 students. Dr. Reidsema's work is centred around the notion of Transformational Change in Higher Education which is reflected by his success in securing grants and industry funding for research and development in this area exceeding $3M including a 2008 Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Project "Design based curriculum reform" and the 2013 Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) Project "Radical transformation: re-imagining engineering education through flipping the classroom in a global learning partnership" partnering with Stanford, Purdue, Pittsburgh and Sydney universities. He has received numerous nominations and awards for teaching including the UNSW Vice Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Award in 2006 and has over 60 peer-reviewed publications in engineering education and design. He is regularly invited to speak on the topic of transformational change and innovative curriculum at Universities and Industry events.

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Time: 9:00 am to 4:00pm

Location: New Law School, Seminar Room 028, The University of Sydney