Food Fair

9 June 2014

Every year, our IH chefs get to sit back, relax and appreciate the culinary skills of our very own IH residents! If you're looking for somewhere to taste the signature dishes of countries all over the world all in one place or show off your favourite dish from your hometown, the International Food Fair is the place!

During Food Fair, the dining hall is transformed into a microcosm of the world; walking from one stall to the next is like travelling across the world to another country. Not only do residents get really excited for the event, many IH alumni return for Food Fair to reminisce about memories they have of Food Fair many years ago.

While the food and decorations of all the teams were excellent, the judges decided to award the prize of 'Best Food' to the Korean team, with their Kimchi pancakes and spicy rice cakes.

And the Vietnamese team, with their refreshing and flavourful Vietnamese rice paper rolls.

'Best Presentation' went to the Hong Kong team, who decorated their stall to replicate almost exactly like the snacks stalls along the streets of Hong Kong.

We would like to congratulate and thank all the teams that participated in Food Fair 2014. It is a combined effort of all the residents to put together this event year after year, so that we have a greater understanding of the cultures and traditions of countries all over the world through appreciation of each other's food. Thank you Food Coordinators, Michael, Vanessa, and Karen, for all the trouble that you have went through to make the event possible for everyone to celebrate together the diversity of the world.