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November 2014
Candlelight Dinner   View Summary
3 November 2014
Candlelight DinnerThe last formal dinner to conclude a great year.
October 2014
IH Masquerade Ball   View Summary
15 October 2014
IH BallFancy dresses, fancy masks, fancy food, and fancy location!
September 2014
Bo Children's Hospital   View Summary
24 September 2014
Bo Children's HospitalFor IH Roundtable Talk, Dr Lemoh shares his dream-turned-reality Children's Hospital in Bo, Sierra Leone made possible with donations from IH's annual Charity Night!
IH Dessert Fair   View Summary
24 September 2014
Dessert Fair 2014Get ready for all the sugary sweetness coming your way!
I-night!   View Summary
24 September 2014
I-nightIH I-night - Thank you for flying IH Airlines. We hope you had a pleasant flight. See you next year!
Mid Autumn Festival   View Summary
24 September 2014
Midautumn FestivalFriends, Full Moon and Fantastic Mooncakes!
Kenny on IH Debating   View Summary
4 September 2014
Kenny InterviewKenny tells us more about the Intercollegiate Palladian Debating Competition and about debating at IH
Star Gazing at IH Log Cabin   View Summary
1 September 2014
Star GazingDon't blink, Because you might have just missed a shooting star! Residents take a trip two hours drive south of Sydney to Belanglo state forest for a night of exciting adventure!
August 2014
Re O Week   View Summary
12 August 2014
Re Orientation WeekO Week for Semester TWO!
Leadership in IH   View Summary
12 August 2014
IH LeadershipLearn more about leadership roles in IH
Faculty Dinner   View Summary
12 August 2014
Faculty DinnerFaculty dinner marks the start of semester two. Residents get ready for an evening of good food and good talk!
June 2014
Foundation Day Dinner   View Summary
11 June 2014
Foundation Day DinnerLast Day of Classes, Last Day to celebrate before exams!
More about CJ   View Summary
10 June 2014
CJ InterviewCJ, our 4th floor SR, tells us a bit about himself and his life in IH
Hi Donny!   View Summary
9 June 2014
DonnyDonny tells us about himself
Food Fair   View Summary
9 June 2014
Food Fair 2014Food Fair 2014 brings flavours from all over the globe to the IH dining hall once again!
Davis Projects for Peace   View Summary
5 June 2014
Davis Projects for PeaceDavis Projects for Peace offers a grant of 10,000 dollars for students at Davis United World College Scholars Program partner schools to design their own grassroots projects for peace.
May 2014
Harbour Cruise   View Summary
14 May 2014
Harbour Cruise Thumbnail ImageResidents dress fancy and have some fun on Sydney's iconic Harbour!
IH Idol   View Summary
4 May 2014
IH Idol ThumbnailTime to show off your singing talents!!!
April 2014
Inter-floor Games   View Summary
28 April 2014
Interfloor Games ThumbnailTime for some floor bonding and exercise while it's still early in the semester. Make your floor proud and show off your sporting skills!
All about Gratia!   View Summary
1 April 2014
Resident ProfileWe got a chance to learn more about Gratia this weekend!
March 2014
A Chat with Fei Fei   View Summary
22 March 2014
Resident InterviewWe managed to get a hold on Fei Fei to have a chat to her about her life in Uni and in IH
O-Week 2014   View Summary
13 March 2014
O-week 2014It's time for O-week again. Welcoming new and old residents to participate the week of fun-filled activities!
Flag Dinner   View Summary
13 March 2014
Flag Dinner 2014Flag Dinner embodies the values of International House - cherishing international understanding and fellowship. This year, we had the honour of the Chancellor of University of Sydney, Ms Belinda Hutchinson, to witness the event!