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November 2015
Graeme de Graaff $10,000 Scholarship - applications are now open!   View Summary
10 November 2015
Graeme de Graff $10,000 ScholarshipIH announces the launch of $10,000 residential scholarship for 2016.
Charity Night 2015   View Summary
5 November 2015
Charity NightThe annual Charity Night in IH is a chance for residents to give back with lots of fun mixed in.
October 2015
I-Night 2015   View Summary
15 October 2015
I-Night 2015I-Night is one of the most anticipated events of semester two and the entire year for IH residents. It is always a great night filled with laughter and entertainment and this year was no different.
Inter-College Table Tennis 2015   View Summary
15 October 2015
Table Tennis 2015International House plays host to the Inter-College Table Tennis competition each year and we always have plenty of residents who are ready to compete and take part.
September 2015
Stargazing 2015   View Summary
15 September 2015
Stargazing 2015International House residents were able to reconnect with nature at IH's log cabin in Belanglo State Forest for SUIHAA's annual stargazing event.
Dessert Fair 2015   View Summary
15 September 2015
Dessert Fair 2015We saw some fantastic, mouth-watering desserts this year at dessert fair.
IH Global Leadership Development Program 2015   View Summary
15 September 2015
GLDP 2015The House's first ever Global Leadership Development Program (GLDP) promotes the global leadership potential of IH residents.
August 2015
Faculty Dinner 2015   View Summary
12 August 2015
Faculty Dinner 2015We welcomed many members of faculty of the University of Sydney to our annual Faculty Dinner which marked the beginning of semester 2 in International House.
July 2015
Foundation Day Dinner   View Summary
2 July 2015
Foundation Day DinnerThe annual Foundation Day Dinner marks the end of the first semester for residents and they are given the opportunity to gather together to commemorate the founders of International House.
June 2015
Nominations for Fellowship of International House are open!   View Summary
17 June 2015
International HouseA Fellowship of International House recognises a person who has made an outstanding contribution to International House. Fellows nominations for 2015 are now open and close 31st July 2015.
May 2015
Food Fair 2015   View Summary
22 May 2015
Food Fair 2015The annual Food Fair at IH gives residents, staff and alumni a chance to explore an array of international cuisine.
Project for Peace 2015   View Summary
21 May 2015
Project for Peace 2015This year we are proud to announce that Mimi Yaluma has been awarded funding for her Project for Peace in Zambia.
April 2015
SUIHAA Classical Music Soiree 2015   View Summary
15 April 2015
SUIHAA Classical Music SoireeThe annual SUIHAA Classical Music Soiree celebrates the best of our talented residents' musical abilities.
March 2015
Flag Dinner 2015   View Summary
24 March 2015
Flag Dinner 2015The annual Flag Dinner at IH is to celebrate the diverse culture that the House represents. This year we had representation from over 50 countries!
O-Week 2015   View Summary
24 March 2015
O-week 2015It's time for O-week again! We welcomed new and old residents back to IH for another fun-filled year and O-week kicked started everything off.
Global Leadership Development Program   View Summary
24 March 2015
GLDP 2015This year we are proud to announce the launch of IH's brand new Global Leadership Development Program aiming to enhance our residents' leadership skills and worldwide understanding.