The Ben Zygier Review

8 March 2013

Professor Ben Saul says the Ben Zygier review demonstrates that communications failed within government.

In an interview with Fairfax media, Professor Saul asserts that the review by the Department of Foreign Affairs raises a number of unanswered questions.

"The report effectively said there was infusion in the handling of consularassistance to Ben Zygier between Foreign Affairs and ASIO, but it went on to say that if media reports were true that Ben Zygier misused Australian passports, that would raise questions about the appropriateness of that as we know, of course, that misusing passports is a criminal offence.

"The other question raised is whether consular assistance should even be provided to dual nationals who are employed bythegovernment of the othercitizenship.

"Further, theother broaderquestion is whether Australian law should prohibit Australians from spying for another country.

"At the moment Australian law only prohibits espionage or spying if it's dealing in Australian secrets but I thinkit's important to consider whether we shouldallow Australians to go off and spy for other countries, whether that's because they're dual citizens or whether they're doing it for ideological reasons or just for money."

Listen to the entire interview - Officials broke rules on Zygier as case was flicked to ASIO - The National Times

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