2013 McWilliam Visiting Professor in Commercial Law

1 July 2013

Sydney Law School is pleased to announce that Professor Richard Nolan will be the 2013 McWilliam Visiting Professor in Commercial Law.

Professor Richard Nolan of York University, United Kingdom, formerly Reader at Cambridge University, is a leading scholar in corporate law and trusts law.

He is a barrister and door tenant at Erskine Chambers, Lincoln's Inn.

The Visiting Chair is funded by the kind gift of Mr Bruce McWilliam, and Professor Nolan follows many distinguished commercial law specialists who have contributed to the Law School's postgraduate program over previous years.

While he is at Sydney Law School, Professor Nolan will teach a course in our Commercial Law Postgraduate and LLM Program, and speak at two major conferences.

The course Advanced Trusts: Theory and Practice will be taught intensively from 2-5 September 2013.

It is open to postgraduate students who have previously studied trust law in their undergraduate curriculum and to law graduates who have completed the unit Fundamentals of Trusts.

It is also open to practitioners to enrol on a single unit, audit basis for legal professional development.

It will be of interest to lawyers working in a wide range of commercial and corporate arrangements and in managed investment schemes.

The course will examine the use of trusts in a number of commercial contexts: business activities structured through a trading trust rather than a corporation; trusts in bond issues to facilitate creditor co-ordination; trusts in collective investment schemes; and trusts employed in securitisation schemes in offshore jurisdictions.

Reference will be made to documentation used by leading law firms.

The course will conclude with the theoretical perspectives that underpin the trusts that have been studied.

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While in Sydney, Professor Nolan will speak at two conferences funded or sponsored by the Parsons Centre of Commercial, Corporate and Taxation Law at Sydney Law School:

The2013 Supreme Court Annual Corporate Law Conference; Directors' Duties: New Perspectives on 27 August - for details see


The Ross Parsons Centre of Commercial, Corporate and Taxation Law is hosting the upcoming Symposium on Trusts, Fiduciaries and Commerce, to be held at the Federal Court of Australia in Sydney on Friday 30 August 2013, for an invited audience including members of the bench, leading practitioners and experts from the academy.

Professor Richard Nolan (McWilliam Visiting Professor in Commercial Law at the Sydney Law School; Professor of Law, The University of York; Barrister and Door Tenant, Erskine Chambers, Lincoln's Inn) will discuss the use of trusts as co-ordination devices in finance arrangements, and the implications of using trusts in that way; Professor Joe Campbell (University of Sydney; formerly a Judge of Appeal of the New South Wales Court of Appeal) will address the status of Lister v. Stubbs in relation to secret commissions in Australia; and Professor Paul Finn (Professorial Fellow; University of Melbourne; formerly a Judge of the Federal Court of Australia) will offer reflections on fiduciary doctrine.

The presentations will be chaired by Professor William Gummow AC (University of Sydney; formerly a Justice of the High Court of Australia), Hon JusticeMark Leeming (Judge of Appeal, Supreme Court of New South Wales; Challis Lecturer in Equity, University of Sydney), and Professor Matthew Conaglen (Professor of Equity and Trusts, University of Sydney).

The Symposium is being convened by Professor Matthew Conaglen. Unfortunately, for reasons of space, places at the Symposium are limited and by invitation only.

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