Australian Government's Development Aid Program: Myanmar Australia Awards Fellowship

12 December 2013

Australia Awards
15 officials from the Myanmar Internal Revenue Department participated in the Sydney Law School's recent Australia Awards Fellowship.

The Sydney Law School is pleased to announce the completion of the Australia Awards Fellowship entitled 'Myanmar - Improving Capacity in International Tax' that was funded in round 13 of the program.

The Fellowship ran for six weeks from 24 October to 4 December, with the Law School hosting 15 officials from the Myanmar Internal Revenue Department (IRD).

The faculty is very grateful to the Australian Government's aid program for funding $384,380 towards what is one of the first international tax programs that Myanmar tax officials have undertaken outside of their home country.

The program will make an important contribution to capacity building in tax administration by increasing the knowledge base of the tax policy and implementation authorities, enabling them to develop and enforce Myanmar's tax laws in relation to international transactions. This is particularly significant as Myanmar experiences unprecedented increases in the level of foreign investment across all sectors, particularly in the area of natural resources, as the country moves towards economic liberalisation and democratic reform.

Increased tax revenues resulting from such foreign investment are essential in raising living standards, and the program was designed to contribute to economic growth in Myanmar by enabling the IRD to build up and protect its tax base from international tax minimisation practices.

Under the program, academic experts in the area of international tax including Professor Richard Vann, Professor Michael Dirkis and Micah Burch, along with leading practitioners from both the public and private sectors, provided a clear understanding of how multinational enterprises structure their global operations and the drivers in those structures. They also provided exposure to global best practice in international tax enforcement and tax treaty negotiation.

The training covered principles in international taxation, tax treaties, transfer pricing, tax planning and tax enforcement, as well as professional development, public sector leadership and knowledge transfer. The Fellows undertook research projects of relevance to Myanmar's international tax system and at the end of the program, submitted papers and presented their research to the faculty's tax academics.

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