The Anglican Church and Marriage Vows

6 September 2012

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Alumnus and comedy writer, Dominic Knight (BA 1999, LLB 2001) gives his view on the debate over the proposal to change the word "obey" to "submit" in the Anglican marriage vows.

Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, he says what Archbishop Peter Jensen appears not to understand is contemporary secular society's enthusiasm for marriage.

"I have met the Archbishop, and have heard him express regret that the Church is not able to make a larger contribution to the debate over these kinds of social issues.

"But I fear that there is a fundamental tension between secular society's comfort with its views on human rights and relationships "evolving", to use Barack Obama's term on the question of gay marriage, and the Church's position on the authority of documents written thousands of years ago.

"I do not know how much each group can teach the other, starting from such different positions.

"Nevertheless, I can reassure Archbishop Jensen that on the basis of the secular weddings I've attended recently, the institution is thriving.

"Whereas if civil vows were rewritten to require women to promise to submit to their husbands, I have no doubt that the marriage rate would drop dramatically."

View the entire article - "Submitting to your husband" - Sydney Morning Herald

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