60 Year Reunion - Class of 1953

6 June 2013

The Class of 1953

Sydney Law School recently hosted its first 60 Year Reunion for the graduating class of 1953.

15 graduates attended and the event was a lunch that took place in the Sydney Law School Common Room on Monday, 20 May 2013.

The event was organised by The Hon. Eric Baker, Mr Neville Head and Mr Geoffrey Biggersin conjunction with the Sydney Law School.

Representing the Sydney Law School were the Dean, Professor Joellen Riley and Acting Alumni Relations Manager, Mr Greg Sherington.

Mr Neville Head acted as Master of Ceremonies for the occasion and Mr Michael Foster, QC contributed to the lunch by making a quite humourous speech in which he recorded anecdotes of events occuring during the undergraduate years of those present.

"Without exception, those attending the lunch rated the event a worthwhile exercised and some even floated the idea that a 65th reunion might be planned!" said The Hon. Eric Baker.

The Dean addressed the gathering on teaching law in the 21st century prior to which Greg Sherington took the group on an inspection tour of the new facility at Camperdown.

"Those present were amazed at the facilities available for the modern-day law student with particular interest being shown in the technology now available for students and the complete absence of law reports," Mr Baker added.

"The Law School and in particular Greg Sherington were very helpful in arranging the occasion which contributed considerably to the success of the event.

"The co-organisers are considering going into business as events organisers and would be very happy to assist similar groups with the organisation of similar events."

Those that attended:

  • The Hon.Eric Baker (LLB 1953)
  • Mr Bruce Brown (BA 1950LLB 1953)
  • Mr Ken Cato (LLB 1953)
  • Mr Samuel Cook (LLB 1953)
  • The Hon.Harvey Cooper, AM (LLB 1953)
  • Mr Ian Curlewis (LLB 1953)
  • The Hon.Michael Foster, QC (BA 1949LLB 1953LLM 1975)
  • Mr Neville Head (BA 1950LLB 1953)
  • Mr Geoffrey Kolts, QBC QC (BA 1950LLB 1953)
  • Mr Constantine Limbers (BA 1950LLB 1953)
  • Mr Thomas Magney (LLB 1953LLM 1974)
  • The Hon.Clement Mitchelmore (BA 1950LLB 1953)
  • Mr David Panckhurst (LLB 1953)
  • Mr John Parnell, OAM (LLB 1953LLM 1969)
  • The Hon.James Staples (BA 1950LLB 1953)

Mr Neville Head, The Dean, Professor Joellen Riley and The Hon. Eric Baker

The Hon. Michael Foster, QC

Photography by Ted Sealey

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