Essay Prizes: Individual Responsibility and the Law

19 March 2013

Sydney Law School is pleased to announce the new Individual Responsibility & The Law Essay Prizes.

The Essays should address the topic closely: ie, individual responsibility and the law. Beyond this, essayists are free to interpret the topic broadly or narrowly, in any context of their own choosing.

The judging panel are looking for an innovative and insightful paper and deep levels of research.

Prize & Essay Length

The prize is $3,000 and up to 3 prizes of $3,000 will be awarded depending on the quality of the papers.

The length of the essay should be 6,000 words.

Essays must be new and original work not previously published in whole or in part.
The purpose of the prize/s is to support and promote individual responsibility and the law in terms of intellectual enquiry, public discussion and private practice.

The essays should be written in a style which is clear and meaningful to the educated lay person.

No disadvantage will attach to essays expressing views which might be described as unfashionable, nonconforming or contrarian.

Application Notification

The Essay Prizes Competition is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate law students at the University of Sydney.

Essays are to be handed in by the end of the first week of semester 2 2013 - Friday, 2nd August 2013.
The essay will be judged by a panel and the decision of the judges is absolutely final and there will be no appeals on judges' decisions to award prizes.

Judges reserve a discretion not to award any prize if it is decided that no submission meets the criteria to a sufficient standard to satisfy the judges.

Winners will be announced at a ceremony at the end of semester 2.

Winning entries may be published on the Sydney Law School website.

Download the Essay Prizes Poster

These essay prizes are being funded as an expression of individual responsibility by two grateful graduates of The University of Sydney.

Closing date

Deadline: 4:00 pm, Friday 2 August

Essays should be submitted to the Law School Information Desk, or by mail, or email Marketing and Admissions Manager Sydney Law School New Law Building F10 University of Sydney 2006

Contact: Greg Sherington

Phone: +61 2 9351 0202

Email: 7e114a1649261c5c44033a12060c5833180f2e052b3e485207006b042f