2014 Sydney Law School Postgraduate Program

6 May 2014

Sydney Law School is pleased to announce its Postgraduate Program for 2014.

Sydney Law School continues to offer one of Australia's largest postgraduate programs in law, with over 150 units of study scheduled to be taught in 2014.

80 per cent of these units of study are set to be delivered in the popular intensive format, where units can be completed in four to five days, either in a block or consecutive format.

You can discover more about Sydney Law School's Postgraduate Program through our comprehensive Postgraduate Guide and our enhanced online presentation of its units.

New units for 2014 will include:

Watch our new video on the Sydney LLM

While Sydney Law School will continue to teach some of its semester length units of study at its former premises in the Sydney CBD, the majority of its units, both intensive and semester length, will be taught at the Law School Building on the University of Sydney's main campus.

Please check the Sydney Law School Postgraduate Timetable for the latest information and updates.

Single Unit Study

Each and every one of Sydney Law School's postgraduate units of study is available to audit towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) for legal practitioners.

If you apply on a Single Unit Study basis, you only have to attend the relevants classes to receive the relevant CPD or MCLE points - you do not have to undertake any assessment.

Find out more in Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Off-Shore Opportunities

In relation to off-shore study, Sydney Law School will deliver the following offshore units of study in 2014:

The Sydney LLM + Coursework & Research

Sydney Law School delivers its Sydney LLM - Master of Laws (LLM) - alongside its specialist postgraduate coursework programs, with a number of diverse qualifications open to Non-Lawyers, including the Master of Global Law (MGlobL)and the Master of Law & International Development (MLawIntDev).

It also has Australia's largest number of postgraduate research students in law and was the first Australian law school to introduce a Doctor of Juridical Studies (SJD), a unique qualification that permits the completion of a 75,000 word thesis alongside units in coursework.

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You can also order an Information Pack that includes the 2014 Sydney Law School Postgraduate Law Guide.

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