Sydney Law School mourns the passing of its colleague Professor George Winterton

13 November 2008



The funeral for Professor George Winterton took place in Sydney yesterday following his death on 6 November 2008.

The Sydney Law School would like to share an excerpt from the Eulogy by George's friend and colleague, Dr Peter Gerangelos:

We are gathered here today to farewell and celebrate a great man.  "And they shall be as when the standard-bearer falleth," so say we of the Academy and the Legal Profession.  I want to assure the family that all of us, and those of us here in spirit, stand with you and George, shoulder to shoulder, a vast congregation of advocates and witnesses testifying before the world and the courts of the Almighty to the brilliance and goodness of this special man, to a great scholar, lawyer and teacher, dedicated to his calling, leading member of the great constitutional councils of the nation, and most importantly devoted husband and father, a dedicated son and loving brother.  The God, who wept at the death of his friend, at the loss of the only son of a widow, cannot but incline His ear to hear us.

I will attempt to celebrate the real George Winterton, not an idealised version.   

George Winterton: 

  • Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Sydney
  • Emeritus Professor, University of New South Wales.
  • Doctor of Juridical Science, Columbia University.
  • Doctor of Laws (honoris causa) University of Western Australia (his alma mater) from which he had received the university medal as an undergraduate.
  • Barrister of the Supreme Courts of New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia
  • Fulbright Scholar and the holder of numerous other academic prizes and awards.
  • Adviser to Governments and leading member of Constitutional Commissions and Conventions.  

The passing of George Winterton has left us all bereft, but not despairing. It has left us grieving but not without hope. To the family I say on behalf of us all, we share your pain, we know your grief, we are with you in your mourning. But this is no dark time. We may not be able to see him any more, like a ship over the horizon, but he is still there, sailing on ahead, to a place where his father Walter has already gone and to which, one day, all flesh must travel.

Download the entire Eulogy by Dr Peter Gerangelos.

Vale George Winterton: friend and critic - Obituary by Robert French, Chief Justice of Australia, The Australian, Friday, 21st November 2008 

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