2012 Kevin McCann Lecture on Energy and Resources Law

3 October 2012

From left to right: Dr Penny Crossley, Lecturer, Sydney Law School, The Acting Dean, Professor Greg Tolhurst, Mr Mitchell Hooke and Mr Kevin McCann

Mitchell H Hooke, CEO of the Minerals Council of Australia recently presented the annual Kevin McCann Lecture on Energy and Resources Law.

Entitled Complacency, Backsliding and Envy are the Real Enemies of Sustainable Development, it examined the current challenges to the Australian mining and resources sector.

"Australia is entering stormy waters," said Mr Hooke.

"Indeed, there are all the ingredients of another 'perfect storm'.

"Unlike the confluence of events that precipitated the global financial crisis, this time key factors are of our own making.

"The 'mining boom' is not over.

"It is different.

"The underlying fundamentals of demand have not materially changed, just evolved.

"It is the supply side and Australia's capacity to compete for global custom that has markedly and acutely changed.

"Supply has caught up with, even exceeded, demand.

"Commodity prices are easing, and margins shrinking in the face of escalating costs.

"As the industry necessarily shifts from an era of price-led growth to volume-led growth, Australia is found wanting, increasingly vulnerable to competition from resource-rich emerging economies."

Mitchell H Hooke (Mitch) has been Chief Executive Officer of the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) since June 2002.

The MCA is one of the nation's most significant industry bodies representing minerals exploration, production and processing.

Over the past two decades, Mr Hooke has made a significant contribution to the development of Australia's trade, economic and industry policy, across the mining, food and grocery industries.

He is recognised for his knowledge and strategic leadership in public policy and practical issues affecting industries' contribution to Australia's sustainable development.

He was recently named the University of New England Distinguished Alumni recipient for 2010 - "in recognition of his contribution to the nation's social and economic welfare through strategic leadership and development of public policy."

Mr Hooke is also internationally active in global policy advocacy as a member of the Full Council of the International Council of Mining and Metals (ICMM) and Chair of its 40 member Associations Coordination Group.

He is also engaged at the "coal face" of business as a Non-Executive Director of several companies based in the USA and Australia.

Download the transcript of the 2012 Kevin McCann Lecture on Energy and Resources Law

Download the presentation of the 2012 Kevin McCann Lecture on Energy and Resources Law

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