Master of Law & International Development

2 April 2013

Students engaged in field work as part of the Himalayan Field School - one of the capstone units as part of the new Master of Law & International Development.

Sydney Law School's new Masters degree recognises the importance of law in international development while building on its reputation as Australia's leading Law School in international, global and transnational law.

The Master of Law & International Development (MLawIntDev) will prepare you for work in international development, including in specialist law and justice areas.

It consists of foundation courses giving an overview of the role of law in international development, together with units from six thematic clusters:

  1. Development and Rights
  2. Environment Climate Change and Sustainability in Development
  3. Global Health Law and Development
  4. Legal Pluralism
  5. Rule of Law and Governance
  6. Trade and Development

"Law is increasingly recognised as having an important role in helping to achieve development goals," said Program Coordinator, Professor David Kinley.

"Law is now central to the ways in which the international community provides assistance to developing countries to help reduce poverty, achieve the Millenium Development Goals, engage with the the with the global economy, and improve security and justice.

"The past decade has witnessed a significant growth in the work of law within international development, led by multilateral organisations such as the UN and its agencies, the World Bank and Asian Development Bank and by bilateral donors such as AusAID, DFID and USAID.

"This has led to an increasing demand for legal qualifications and expertise in Australia and beyond."

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