AusAID's Australian Leadership Award Fellowships (ALAF) program

18 December 2012

The Faculty is pleased to announce an AusAID Australian Leadership Award Fellowship (ALAF) was recently funded in round 12 of the program.

Commencing in January 2013 the Law School will host 14 fellows from Mongolia for 6 weeks to participate in a program, entitled 'Mongolia: Improving Capacity in International Tax Enforcement'.

The ALAFs are part of AusAID's Australia Awards program providing short-term professional development for senior and mid-range government officials in developing countries.

They aim to provide enhanced leadership, knowledge and training skills, and are an important part of the Australian Government's efforts to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development.

The Faculty is strongly committed to the field of law and international development through research projects, postgraduate programs and participation in aid-funded research and executive training programs, such as the ALAFs.

The Faculty has had a number of law and international development projects, either alone or jointly with the University's Graduate School of Government funded, by AusAID under the ALAF program over the last five years.

The Faculty is very grateful to AusAID for funding of $365,808 for the program, 'Mongolia: Improving capacity in international tax enforcement' which aims to improve the capacity of the tax policy and implementation authorities to enforce Mongolia's tax laws in relation to international transactions and strengthening capacity to counter international tax minimisation practices.

Under the program, academic expertise in the area of international tax will be complemented by practical knowledge from leading practitioners from both the public and private sectors.

The program will promote a clear understanding of international tax enforcement through short-term training, a research project of relevance to Mongolia's international tax system, and professional development and interaction with Australian international tax experts.

Contact: Amber Colhoun

Phone: +61 2 9351 0460

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