SCIL Talks: big ideas from our experts in international law

31 January 2013

Experts in international law from the Sydney Centre for International Law (SCIL) have presented four intriguing ideas in a series of short videos.

In less than six minutes each, the videos cover a wide range of topics including the environment, rebellion, forced evictions in Nepal and the role international law plays in crafting non-legal phenomena.

The arguments are surprising, thought-provoking, sometimes confronting.

They are designed to engage those already working in the field, as well as those new to it.

Irene Baghoomians' talk (at the very top) - 'Forced Evictions' - sheds light on the clearing of settlements along the Bagmati River in Nepal. International law should, Baghoomians contends, be doing more to address these evictees' plight.

Fleur Johns' talk (directly above) - 'Non-Law' - asks us to imagine the sub-machine gun as a product of international law. Greater account should be taken of the role that law plays in shaping our non-legal lives, Johns argues, including our understandings of technology, violence and politics

Tim Stephens' video (directly above) - 'Living within earth's limits' - challenges international environmental law to take a systems approach.

It makes the radical proposal of abandoning the world's major environmental treaties and starting afresh.

Ben Saul's talk (directly above) - 'The death of rebellion' - decries international law's destruction of the human right to resist oppressive governments..

In the lead up to the SCIL International Year in Review Conference on 22 February the videos will be released weekly.

You can view Ben Saul's video by clicking on the screen shot at the very top or here.

You can view Tim Stephens' video by clicking on the screen shot above or here.

Find out more about the SCIL International Year in Review Conference on the Sydney Law School events calendar and visit SCIL's website to find out more about SCIL's work.

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