Contemporary Challenges in Regulating Global Crises

2 May 2013

Professor Mark Findlay's new book explains that for the sake of sustainability, human diversity can bond in different ways to achieve fate.

In Contemporary Challenges in Regulating Global Crises, Professor Findlay'streatment of regulatory sociability charts the anticipated and even inevitable transition from self to mutual interest which is the essence of taking communities of shared risk to shared fate.

Mark Findlay is Professor of Criminal Justice, at the University of Sydney, Deputy Director of the Institute of Criminology

He has held research chairs at Leeds University, and the Nottingham Law School, UK. In recent years Professor Findlay has focused his writing on the intersection between globalisation, crime and control, with central interests around international criminal justice.

This led to new considerations of global crisis and the manner in which regulation needs to address the needs of fragmented states and transitional cultures.
He is the author of twenty books and over a hundred journal articles and chapters.

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