Ethics and the Law for Health Professionals

2 May 2013

This new book co-authored by Professor Cameron Stewart examines the rich and complex ethical issues that characterise health care.

Ethics and the Law for Health Professionals is a cross-disciplinary work covering the spectrum of health care.

Each of the 41 chapters focuses on topics of the greatest clinical relevance and each embraces the latest research and scholarship.

The book recognises that health-care professionals are often confronted with situations

which have both ethical and legal ramifications.

It will help legal practitioners better understand the dilemmas that health-care practice can present.

Professor Cameron Stewart is Pro Dean and Director of the Centre for Health Governance, Law and Ethics at Sydney Law School and Associate Professor at the Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine, Sydney Medical School.

He has degrees in economics, law and jurisprudence.

He has worked in the Supreme Court of New South Wales and has practiced commercial law at Phillips Fox Lawyers.

His previous appointment was at Macquarie Law School, where he spent 10 years, the last of which as Dean.

He is Vice President of the Australasian Association of Bioethics and Health Law. Cameron is also the Associate Editor in law of the Journal of Bioethical Inquiryand the co-editor of the Ethics and health law news service.

He also runs a website on Discovering Australian Guardianship Law.

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