Culture of corruption pervades NSW Inc

2 August 2013

Professor Mark Findlay writes that we don't need to go back to the Rum Corps to find the roots of political corruption in NSW, following the latest recent ICAC corruption findings against a minister and prominent businessmen
In an opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald, Professor Findlay writes, "Indeed, the establishment of ICAC was one of the reasons the Nick Greiner government swept to power, ending decades of Labor control of state politics and an era, which Greiner classified as 'characterised by corruption and cronyism'.

"As evidence of its independence, the first ICAC inquiry involved senior Country National Party figures and their land dealings in the north of NSW.

"To show corruption isn't the province of any particular politics in NSW, then premier Greiner was found guilty of corrupt conduct by ICAC.

"Despite his vigorous defence his political career never recovered.

"State and local government tendering and the corruption endemic in those commercial relationships, was a justification for the ICAC's existence.
"Its inquiries into these areas have been among the most successful incursions against corrupt public trust violations.
"Now it would be fair to say the stain of land development bribery as a feature of local council practice in this state has largely been erased.
"But as the ICAC findings against the Obeids and Ian Macdonald show, the price of political influence in NSW when it comes to corrupt transactions is still lucrative.

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