Workplace Bargaining

31 January 2014

Commencing 3 March 2014, this unit examines workplace bargaining within the context of collective bargaining models used overseas and Australia's international obligations.

Workplace Bargaining explores the history of collective bargaining in Australia before examining the legislative framework of agreement making, including the legal rules applicable to making and approving enterprise agreements.

The unit will be taught by Associate Professor Shae McCrystal.

Dr McCrystal teaches and researches the field of collective bargaining and industrial action.

She is the author of The Right to Strike in Australia(Federation Press), a co-author of Beyond Employment: The Legal Regulation of Work Relationships (Federation Press) and a co-editor of Challenging the Legal Boundaries of Work Regulation (Hart Publishing).

She is Secretary of the Australian Labour Law Association, a co-editor of the Sydney Law Review and teaches in the areas of Labour Law (with a specific focus on bargaining issues) and Real Property in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs.


Semester 1 2014
onday Evenings, 6-8pm
Sydney Law School
Eastern Avenue
University of Sydney NSW 2006


  • Class Participation and Presentation (25%)
  • 6,000 Word Essay (75%)

Workplace Bargainingis available to study through the following Sydney Law School degree programmes:

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Candidates can elect to complete the assessment, claim the MCLE or CPD points and then count the unit towards a degree at a later stage.

Alternatively, candidates can elect not to complete the assessment but still claim the MCLE or CPD points.

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