Schapelle Corby

18 February 2014

Associate Professor Simon Butt
Associate Professor Simon Butt

Schapelle Corby now needs to choose very carefully between the Australian media circus and Indonesian law, writes Associate Professor Simon Butt.

In an article co-authored with Professor Tim Lindsey from the University of Melbourne, he writes that the recently paroled Australian should not give interviews, and that to do so would be foolhardy.

" the deputy minister (for justice and human rights), Denny Indrayana, has added, parole is not early release, and if Corby wants to enjoy the benefits of what is effectively a form of conditional 'island detention' on Bali, she will have to comply with two sets of conditions imposed by Indonesian law.

"Indrayana has made it clear that if she gives media interviews from her Seminyak villa, she will likely breach those conditions, and find herself back in jail- because that is the law."

View the entire article - Schapelle Corby should not give interviews. To do so would be foolhardy - The Guardian

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