UN condemns 'Australia's Guantanamo Bay'

26 February 2014

Professor Ben Saul
Professor Ben Saul

Professor Ben Saul comments on a United Nations assessment which has found Australia guilty of almost 150 violations of international law for indefinitely detaining refugees.

According to a report on ABC TV's 7.30, about 50 people officially recognised as refugees are currently detained within Australia with no prospect of being released after receiving negative security assessments from ASIO.

It adds that the United Nations found indefinite detention was cruel and inhuman in breach of UN conventions and ordered the detainees be released this week and paid compensation.

"One man drank bleach, another man tried to electrocute himself, another guy tried to hang himself with a skipping rope and another guy has cut himself and written in blood on a wall," Professor Saul asserts.
"The only other country in the world which has anything like this, you know, the only other democracy that has anything like this is the United States at Guantanamo Bay.

"This is rapidly becoming our Guantanamo, a legal black hole where we send people forever."

View the transcript and footage - UN condemns 'Australia's Guantanamo Bay' - ABC TV 7.30

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