Plain English in Legal Writing

1 April 2014

Plain English in Legal Writing
Plain English in Legal Writing

Sydney Law School has a new home for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Sydney Law School Professional Plus+ contains all relevant information for law and non-law professionals in order to meet their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Choose from postgraduate units of study, seminars, events or conferences, all of which are available to audit for CPD points.

Single Unit Study

As part of Professional Plus+, you can register for individual units of study without assessment for a reduced rate.

Single Unit Study Without Assessment

Under this option, you can attend lectures, receive relevant reading materials, and gain access to the unit's online e-learning.

You are not required to undertake assignments or examinations.

Single unit study without assessment costs $3200.

Discounts to $3000 may be negotiated with individual firms for audit enrolments of 5+ students.

Single Unit Study With Assessment

Under this option, you can credit a unit towards a degree at a later stage, provided you complete the assessment(s).

The cost is $4012.50 per unit of study.

CPD Seminars

Professional Plus+ outlines all CPD events including the Distinguished Speakers Program.

All Sydney Law School seminars, events and conferences are available for CPD audit including the recently announced 2014 Law and Business Seminar Program.

Further Study Options

Professional Plus+ also includes links to other CPD eligible intiatives, including full-degree study through our Postgraduate Program, engagement with our Specialist Law Areas, participation in our Offshore Program and Cross-Institutional enrolment.

Our Experts

Discover more about our academic staff and their areas of expertise through our new Sydney Law School Staff Spotlight Video series.

For more information, please contact the Sydney Law School Professional Learning & Engagement Team (PLaCE).

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