Law of Agency

4 August 2014

Law of Agency
Law of Agency

Sydney Law School is pleased to welcome Professor Francis Reynolds and Professor Peter Watts, foremost authorities on the law of agency, to teach in the postgraduate program for 2014.

Applications of the law of agency are pervasive throughout the law: they are not confined to professional agents, nor to commercial law.

Law of Agency will analyse the general principles by which one identifies an "agent" and the consequences of that position, and will then deal with specific agency doctrines of apparent authority, ratification, warranty of authority and the position of the undisclosed principal.

It will also take in agency applications of fiduciary doctrine, applications of agency doctrine in tort and property situations, and issues surrounding notice to an agent.

Comparisons will be made with the American Restatement, Third Agency and certain European formulations such as the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts (2004).

Francis Reynolds QC is Emeritus Professor of Law at Worcester College, University of Oxford.

He is a Doctor of Civil Law, Fellow of the British Academy, and an Honorary Bencher of the Inner Temple.

He is also Standing consultant on English law to Ang & Partners, Singapore; Honorary Professor, International Law Institute of the IMO, Malta; Titulary Member of the Comité Maritime International; and Supporting Member of the LMAA.

Peter Watts QC is Professor of Law at the University of Auckland.

His teaching and research interests include agency law, company/corporations law, the law of restitution, the law of personal property, and equity.

He has taught courses in the law of obligations, agency law, company law, restitution, company finance law, and securities market regulation.

He has advised the New Zealand Law Commission and the Law Commission of England and Wales on a number of private law and commercial law projects.

He is also a barrister at Bankside Chambers in Auckland, and a door tenant at Fountain Court Chambers, the Temple, London.


Semester 2 Intensive
2-4 & 8, 9 September 2014


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