Regulatory Worlds

4 August 2014

Regulatory Worlds
Regulatory Worlds

This new book co-authored by Professor Mark Findlay takes up the challenge to design regulatory thinking for a global future beyond wealth and growth, and towards social sustainability.

Regulatory Worlds assumes a 'South World' perspective on market regulation and social sustainability and present the options and possibilities for radically repositioning regulatory principle.

Its analysis of intersections between the market economies of the South and North reconsiders fundamental regulatory relationships and outcomes motivated by sustainability rather than individual wealth creation and economic growth models.

The books aims to return economy to society at a critical global juncture demanding new and creative regulatory intervention outside the regulatory state model.

Mark Findlay is the Deputy Director of the Institute of Criminology. Previously Head of Department of the Law School in 1998-1999, and Pro Dean in 1999, Mark held for 5 years the fractional Chair in International Criminal Justice at the Law School, University of Leeds and was a Senior Associate Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London.

He currently also holds a Chair in Law at Singapore Management University.

Highlights of his career as a teacher and administrator include establishing the new law school at the University of the South Pacific as its Foundation Professor of Law and first head of school.

In addition Mark played a critical role in establishing the law programme at City University of Hong Kong.

He is currently assisting the development of the second law school in Singapore.


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