Professor Mark Findlay comments on the fall in NSW crime figures

23 July 2008

Professor Mark Findlay recently responded to NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research figures published in July 2008 that point to a fall in crime across the state.

In an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Professor Findlay asserts that the statistics are flawed as they do not account for incidents that are unreported.

Professor Findlay said the figures a reflected a move away from "community policing" strategies towards centralised crime fighting squads, such as forensics and narcotics, which were not building traditional relationships in the community.

"A reduction in the visibility of police means there's less reporting," Professor Findlay said.

"In some communities, you're going to find a resistance to police culturally so you have to do a lot more work to increase reporting rates."

To view the entrie article - Less crime but fewer reporting it, says expert

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