Professor John C. Coffee of Columbia Law School delivers 2008 Ross Parsons Address in Corporate Law

21 August 2008

From left to right: The Dean, Professor Gillian Triggs, Professor Coffee and Professor Jennifer Hill

Professor John C. Coffee delivered the 2008 Ross Parsons Address in Corporate Law on 20 August 2008. Professor Coffee is one of the leading international experts in corporations law, securities regulation and finance.

He is the Adolf A Berle Professor of Law at Columbia University Law School, a Fellow at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and is consistently listed by the National Law Journal as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in the United States.He has recently given testimony on several occasions before the US Senate Banking Committee in relation to the subprime mortgage crisis.

Professor Coffee's Address was titled Financial Crises 101: What Can We Learn From Scandals and Meltdowns - From Enron to Subprime.The Address was given as the keynote lecture of the Third Annual Supreme Court and Law Society of New South Wales Conference on Corporate Law 2008 on The Credit Crunch and the Law.

The Hon. Justice JJ Spiegelman AC, Chief Justice of NSW, chaired the Conference, in addition to The Hon. Justice R P Austin, Supreme Court of NSW and Alan Cameron AM, Blake Dawson. Other speakers included John O'Sullivan (Credit Suisse (Australia) Ltd); Scott Farell (Mallesons Stephen Jaques); Ewen Crouch (Allens Arthur Robinson); Kathleen Farrell (Freehills); John Sheahan SC (Wentworth Chambers).

This was Professor Coffee's fourth visit to Sydney Law School. He first visited in 1985. In 2001, he taught a very popular postgraduate course in US Securities Regulation and in 2007, he gave a seminar addressing issues in his recent book, Gatekeepers: The Professions and Corporate Governance.

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Podcast of the 2008 Ross Parsons Address:

Keynote address of the Third Annual Supreme Court/Law Society Conference on Corporate Law 2008:

The Credit Crunch and the Law

Speaker: Professor John C Coffee, Adolf A Berle Professor of Law, ColumbiaLaw School

Introduction: The Hon JJ Spigelman AC, Chief Justice of NSW

Financial Crises 101: What Can We Learn

from Scandals and Meltdowns - from Enron to Subprime?

The subprime mortgage meltdown is the latest scandal to send shock waves through securities markets. It has fuelled a liquidity crisis affecting debt markets, not only in the US but around the world. Professor John Coffee discusses possible explanations of the subprime mortgage crisis, the role of ratings agencies as gatekeepers in debt markets, and potential mechanisms to increase transparency in the market for structured finance.

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