Australia has an obligation to investigate

18 September 2008

As a party to the 1949 Geneva Conventions, Australia has a duty to search for, investigate, prosecute and extradite any suspected war criminal found in the jurisdiction, believes Dr Ben Saul, in a Sydney Morning Herald article in relation to accusations against Mr Guy Campos, on holiday after coming to Australia on a World Youth Day visa and accused of being a War Criminal.

"If there is someone here with credible allegations it certainly triggers an obligation for Australia to investigate the allegations and decide whether to prosecute or extradite."

Mr Campos has been identified by several individuals, including Jose Belo, who claims the East Timorese man was present when he was interrogated and tortured by the Indonesian Special Forces on the night of January 9, 1995.

Dr Saul stipulates that the UN Convention was open as to whether a country should prosecute or extradite someone accused of breaching the conventions.

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