A Gift for Knowledge

2 October 2008

Sydney Law School wishes to thank the generous alumni - more than 40 in number - who responded to the appeal for The Dean's Research Fund, which was sent out in May.

To date, nearly $9,000 has been raised to provide the Faculty with additional resources to help boost research within critical and emerging areas of legal scholarship.

Research enriches teaching programs and ensures that Sydney is recognised as a world-class centre for innovative and relevant enquiry, thereby helping it to attract the most talented students and academic staff.

In a letter to Dr Brett Williams accompanying his gift, Paul Martin (BA '95, LLB '97) explained how much he had enjoyed taking a course on International Trade Regulations last year, commenting "It is important that scholars such as you be supported in your research into global trade regulation, given its significance for international economic welfare and development."

A number of additional gifts were also received, designated for The Law School Building Fund and for The Dean's Priorities.

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