Sydney Law School students winners of the 2008 Connecting with Law Short Film Competition

9 October 2008

Sydney Law School is pleased to announce that four of its students won First Prize in the 2008 Connecting with Law Short Film Competition.

The four students are:

  • William Howarth
  • Tom McKeith
  • Lach Nicholson
  • Ned Winn-Dix

Their film, Law Talk took an original, creative and instructive approach to encouraging other students to engage with the law.

As the students related in their entry:

"A light-hearted take on how legal scenarios can constantly arise in our everyday lives.

"We wanted the film to depict a scenario that a young demographic (i.e. law students) could easily relate and connect to - a night out...Repeateldy we are faced with obstacles and problems and often we get swept away on some complex tangent to find the answer (as is the case when trying to answer a legal question).

"Sometimes, however, the answer can be very straight forward indeed..."

This achievement follows the success of both William Howarth and Tom McKeith in this year's   John Jamesons Productions Screenplay Competition.

To view their winning short film, please visit the Connecting with Law Short Film Competition Website

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