Connecting with Law

9 October 2008

Sydney Law School's Dr Thalia Anthony is the co-author of new book on the foundations of law.

"Connecting with Law challenges students to think critically, question ideas, and connect with law," said Dr Anthony

"It provides students with a broader context which allows them to start thinking about the values law embodies and their relationship to society. This fresh approach to introductory law is designed to engage students with contemporary examples and case studies they can relate to, and which help them understand the law."

Co-authored by Michelle Sanson, an International Legal Consultant and Educator and David Worswick, a long-serving practitioner andAssociate Lecturer at the School of Law, Flinders University, it introduces students to the legal system, legal terminology and legal concepts using clear-language, which can be easily understood by students with no prior knowledge of the law.

"Our focus of this book is practical - for example we provide background on key events and developments in English legal and constitutional history only where those events and developments are instrumental in creating the system we have today in Australia; and we discuss theoretical underpinnings of law and judicial reasoning without taking the new law student into jurisprudential terrain that can only be understood with time and experience in law.

"The book is structured according to the typical questions that a new law student may ask - What is law? Where did it come from? How is it made? How can I find it? What do lawyers do? How can I develop a legal mind? And when I am finished, what can I do with my law degree?

"It also creates an opportunity for students with particular interests - such as human rights law, Indigenous legal rights or commercial law - to begin to consider specialised content knowledge," Dr Anthony said.

The book is due to be published by Oxford University Press in early 2009.

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