Dr Ben Saul presents evidence at Senate Committee hearing into academic bias

10 October 2008

Claims that there is a lack of diversity within academia were attacks on the professionalism of academics, argues Dr Ben Saul

Dr Ben Saul lodged a submission to the Senate Committee hearing into academic bias and responded to the inclusion of two "blacklists" of Australian university lecturers accused of having a left-wing bias.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, several Sydney academics present at the hearing denounced the lists and denied the need for the inquiry, which was set up by the Victorian Liberal Senator Mitch Fifield in response to the Young Liberals' "make education fair" campaign.

"I think it's a kind of witch-hunt or McCarthyism by students who happen to disagree with a lecturer, who call that difference of opinion prejudice or bias," Dr Saul asserted.

"The suggestion that universities may be prejudiced and lacking in diversity has the potential to undermine academic freedom and diversity, since it sends a message to academics that they are under suspicion and that their views require policing by politicians."

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