Sydney Law School ARC Discovery Projects

15 October 2008

Sydney Law School experienced great success in the recent round of ARC grants and would like to congratulate the following staff members on their success:

Professor Belinda Bennett and Professor Terry Carney

Legal and Ethical Preparedness for Pandemic Influenza

2009 : $ 120,000

2010 : $ 150,000

2011 : $ 160,000

Over 40 million people in the world died in the 1918 Influenza pandemic. Any repetition could have devastating social and economic costs for Australia and the Region. Community confidence in quarantine or other restrictions in the medical management of pandemics depends on balancing protection of public health against the rights of citizens to go about their work and daily lives. By studying the adequacy of existing human pandemic influenza planning in Australia and the Asian region, this project will contribute to law reform and policy development needed to command community confidence in the ethical and public policy balances embodied in national pandemic plans, and the laws and practices which support them.

Professor Patrick Parkinson, Associate Professor Judith Cashmore and The Hon. Professor Richard Chisholm

Relocation after parental separation: a longitudinal study

2009 : $ 140,000

2010 : $ 100,000

2011 : $ 120,000

This project is to examine the long-term outcomes of relocation disputes, when one parent after separation wants to move far away with the children against the opposition of the other parent. The study is of great international importance, as these disputes have become so numerous and difficult to resolve. The results of the study will enhance Australia's international reputation as a leader in family law innovation and research. The national benefits will include better information for courts in making relocation decisions and an evidence-base for the Government to make legislative changes if needed.

Dr Kristin Savell and Dr Isabel Karpin

The Legal Function of Serious Disability in Prenatal and Neonatal Health Care Settings

2009 : $ 89,000

2010 : $ 58,000

2011 : $ 82,000

Increasing numbers of Australians are using prenatal testing technologies to avoid having a disabled child. Australians also have access to a range of sophisticated life-sustaining technologies for premature newborns and seriously imperiled infants. Legal guidance on the appropriate uses of these technologies is piecemeal and inconsistent across Australia's States and Territories, and the meaning of serious disability varies amongst members of the community. This project will benefit Australians by providing greater consistency in decision-making about disability. This will be achieved by assessing the value of a uniform framework for governing legal responses to serious disability in the context of reproduction.

Contact: Greg Sherington

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