Discrimination in the workplace

28 October 2008



In an interview on ABC Radio 2BL Sydney,  Dr Belinda Smith talked about the difficulties faced by many women when returning to work after maternity leave.


Dr Smith discussed the case of Angela Davis, a former Vodafone Employee, who took the decision to sue Vodafone, stating that she felt the only options she had were to resign from Vodafone or take legal action against them because, in her view, they broke the law.


Dr Belinda Smith said the numbers that get to court are very few relative to the probable scope of the problem because going to court is emotionally draining and beyond the means of many Australian women.


Dr Smith is an expert in Anti-Discrimination Law and Employment, Industrial and Labour Law as well as being  the Program Coordinator for the  Sydney LLM - Master of Laws (LLM) 

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