2008-9 Summer Clerkship Scheme

5 December 2008



2nd Year Graduate Law student, Jessie Buchan and 4th year Commerce/Law student Keith Loke were both featured in today's Legal Affairs section in  The Australian in relation to their forthcoming Summer Clerkships.

"I'm looking forward to hands-on work and the opportunity to observe senior lawyers and partners in close proximity on a daily basis, " Keith said.

"That's something that hasn't been available to me as a law student."

"At uni you're surrounded by a lot of talk about where the places to go are, but you just have to stay true to yourself and remember what you're after and what firm can offer you the most and what you can give them," Jessie said.

The Australian Law Students Association (ALSA) recently pushed for the introduction of uniform national conditions for Summer Clerkships, including a single date upon which to make offers and the reduction in the time spent during a Clerkship to provide more flexibility for students.

To read the entire article - Intense Interviews and Honesty Pays Off for Summer Clerks 

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