Sydney Law School team progress to the international rounds of the Jean Pictet Compeition

14 January 2009



A team from Sydney Law School progressed to the international rounds of the Jean Pictet International Humanitarian Law Competition this month.

The team of Callista Harris (4th Year Science/Law), Sofia Yiannikas (BA 2005, LLB 2007, current Master of International Law (MIL) student) and Hamish White (BA 2004, final year Graduate Law) were successful in the highly competitive written application process in 2008.

The team is set to travel to France in March 2009 where they will join 32 other English-speaking teams, as well as 16 other French-speaking and 8 Spanish-speaking teams for 8 days of intensive competition.

Team coach, Katherine Fallah remarked, "This is the first time that Sydney Law School has participated in this competition and I am very impressed by the calibre of our team."

The Jean-Pictet Competition is a week long training event on international humanitarian law (IHL).

It aims to "take law out of the books," by simulations and role plays, allowing the jury of the Competition to evaluate teams' theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of IHL.
The situations are founded on a fictitious, but realistic, scenario of armed conflict.

During the competition, the group dynamics alternate, with meetings between the jury and one team, the jury and several teams, between two teams.

Participants and the jury have roles which change - for example, Red Cross delegates in the morning and combatants in the afternoon - encouraging the participants to consider the same situation from a variety of perspectives.
At the end of each session, the finalists compete in the international final, following which the Jean-Pictet Prize is awarded to the best team.
Each year the Competition takes place in a different location.

The Jean Pictet International Humanitarian Law Competition 

Contact: Greg Sherington

Phone: +61 2 9351 0202

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